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Five Characteristics of an SEO Agency That Won't Rip You Off

The current SEO waters are a bit murky and as search algorithms become more sophisticated and the market begins to saturate with providers, businesses are tasked with choosing the right SEO expert. That one decision can make or break an entire business. How do you know if you're choosing the right SEO consultant? Read More
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Three (Very Big) Reasons Your Brochure Site is Actually an eCommerce Site

You may not think of your brochure-style, non-ecommerce site as generating revenue or making you money online, but it does (or should)! Too many businesses allow their non-ecommerce sites to simply be an after-thought in their marketing strategy. Here are three (big) reasons why you should think more about conversions, even if you're not selling anything directly online. Read More
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Social Media & Small Business: Insource, Outsource Or?

A client recently asked: "how do I engage in social media for my small business? Do I try to hire someone to handle my social media or do I outsource?" In my reply, I provide this client with some thoughts on how a small business can engage in social including outsourcing, insourcing and local-sourcing. If you're a small business questioning what you should do about your social media presence, this post is for you. Read More
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Help for Clients Facing the Web Design Industry's Blurred Lines

The website design industry is growing, just as the web itself expands. But the industry lines are blurring as more and more companies and individuals throw their hats into the ring. How does a business choose the best design firm to meet their needs? How does one distinguish between a "good" firm and a "bad" one? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. Here are a few tips from an industry insider. Read More
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Smart User Experience (UX) Isn't Just For Big Business

Many small to mid-size business owners still believe a widely-held myth: user experience and other strategic digital marketing functions come with big budgets attached. That's just not true, and those businesses are losing ground by not focusing some of their attention to the strategy of a digital project. In this piece, we try to demystify UX and reinforce why small businesses shouldn't be afraid to invest in user experience. Read More
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Explaining Pay-Per-Click Management For Business Owners

We love it when our clients ask questions. One of our clients asked us to provide more information about Pay-Per-Click Management services. They might be interested, but they needed to better understand what it was. Here is how we explained what PPC management means from a business owner's perspective. Read More
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Welcome to the New Alpha Tree Marketing Website!

Alpha Tree Marketing is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website. Built on Umbraco 7, utilizing mobile responsive technologies, our new site is a reflection of our commitment to providing our clients with a world-class online experience. Read More
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